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The Lockdown Was All We Could See

Walking into a vastly different landscape, The Lockdown Was All We Could See is the second split poetry book by Manchester poets/writers and real-life couple, Amanda Steel and Andy N, the authors of Run Away With Me in Seven Words.

While Run Away With Me in Seven Words took its readers on a lyrical journey, celebrating the textures of life and love, The Lockdown Was All We Could See, goes further than this — examining the changes they went through as a couple during this three-month period of barely being able to leave their home.

This chapbook contains a variety of poems from observing how the world is changing without them, everyday concerns about their families and how they would have coped with the situation if they lived somewhere else.

The collection encapsulates the feelings of what others have also gone through with self-isolation and social distancing, taking the reader on an emotional and honest journey throughout these months, in a deeply personal poetry/memoir of a period of history which will be discussed for generations.


How to Write Wrong: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

In this interactive story, try and guide yourself around the world of writing and publishing. In this world, it can be hard to know how to get things right, but this book shows you how to get it all wrong.

Warning: contains large amounts of sarcasm and twisted humour.



Always Darkest Before Dawn: A collection of Poems from Lockdown

A collection of poems written during lockdown. Some look to the future while others reminisce the past. Amongst those laced with regret, fear, sadness and separation after the future began to change course, are a handful of hopeful poems as the author dares to hope that things will get better.

The Takeover

The second book in the three-part Destiny Initiative series.

As Meredith and Theo team up with new and old faces to try to stop The Destiny Initiative and The Destroyers, Meredith struggles with her powers.

While discovering how powerful she is, and at the same time, how unprepared she is for leading an alternative Destiny Initiative, Meredith is forced to make some tough choices.

Can she achieve everything she set out to do, or will she lose herself along the way?


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First Charge

Meredith and Theo are separated from their parents as children, like all protectors and guardians before them, who are descended from various mythical creatures. Since then, they have trained together for their future roles.
Meredith knows she likes girls, but is reluctant to get close to anyone, knowing that she will have to move on and leave them. Theo likes girls too, but as a descendant of Shape Shifters, he uses his powers to prevent them from ever knowing his true self.
At the age of fifteen, Meredith is given her first charge, Alex. He is destined to do something amazing, although Meredith doesn't know what that it yet. Meredith and Theo seek help from other protectors and guardians, but can they succeed in keeping Alex and his destiny safe?

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Ghost of Me

Imagine getting the chance to solve your own murder. For Sarah, the prospect becomes a reality after finding her dead body in the morgue and deciding that the injuries sustained indicate she was murdered.
She won’t let being a ghost stop her from tracking down the murderer and stopping him from killing again. However, she’ll need help from someone living. She finds that help in the form of Steve; a near recluse who sees ghosts and isn’t thrilled at the idea of Sarah appearing in his house whenever she feels like it.
Can they work together and save lives, or will more women have to die?

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The Twelve Deaths of Father Christmas

A selection of twelve flash fiction stories with accompanying images, in which Santa dies in different ways. There's a political slant to many of the pieces (and added sarcasm).

Have you ever wondered how Santa would cope with climate change, Brexit or any number of issues facing the UK and beyond?

NOT for children.


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Run Away with Me in Seven Words

Originally inspired by what was intended to be a standalone seven-word poem on Instagram; Run Away with Me in Seven Words is the debut co-written collection by Manchester Poets and real-life couple, Amanda Steel and Andy N. This book contains a sequence of poems taking the reader through a journey.

Each piece is exactly seven words, where the two writers seem to play emotional tennis with each other using a pared down precision, redefining how sequences of poetry can be written. This collection takes its readers on a lyrical journey from the beginning, celebrating the textures of life and indeed love, between the desire to stand still and the necessity of not been afraid to run away with the flow

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Pieces of Me

The title of this collection "Pieces of Me" sums up what these poems are to the author. Some are funny, others are sad and quite a few have been called bonkers.

As writers (and people in general), we are all more than one thing. So as the opening poem questions, why pigeonhole ourselves?

The author "Amanda Steel" is a poet, novelist, podcast co-host, editor, submissions reader and lots of other things.

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Not Human

The sequel to After the zombies.What can you do when zombies are everywhere? Aiming for the head is the easy part. The real challenges are distinguishing zombies from humans and knowing which humans to trust.Not learning their lesson from the Manchester outbreak, the government are still intent on creating a more compliant race. It looks like they will keep trying until they get it right, or until humanity is completely wiped out, whichever happens first.Grace knows she carries the cure. She knows she can't become one of them, but that doesn't mean she can't be affected if she is bitten. Some things are worse than death. Sometimes having to face yourself, is worse than facing the monsters and other times, it's hard to tell the difference.(This was previously published as "Not Human" and "Life After Zombies". Now both books have been re-edited and re-published into this one book.)

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After the Zombies

A prequel novella to the full-length novel Not Human, which will be re-released later this year (2019). Grace was homeless ,Mark was a thief and Luke was a doctor. Under normal circumstances - the three of them might never have met and become friends, but a two year long outbreak causing the residents of Manchester to display zombie like characteristics, threw the three of them together. Even after the outbreak is over, they struggle to get on with their lives and find peace with what they went through and had to do to survive, but it's hard to believe it will ever really be over.

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Lost and Found: Part 1

Imagine finding out your parents weren’t your parents; that they bought you on the black market and lied to you for fifteen years. This is what Kayla Marshall has to deal with after she is reunited with her real family. She struggles to find where she belongs. Is it with the couple she grew up with and called Mum and Dad? Or is it her genetic family who she grew up thinking were a figment of her over-active imagination?

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Lost and Found: Part 2

The conclusion in the 2 part Lost and Found story.

(Blurb not included here - to avoid spoilers for those who haven't read Part 1)

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