Printed Words: Summer 2020 issue

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Call for Submissions

Printed Words is a quarterly publication.

Guidelines for the charity anthology

The profits from this will go to a cancer charity*. Submissions will close on 15th June 2020. The anthology is expected to be published in September 2020.

The writing can be about cancer, loss/grief or surviving cancer, but it doesn't have to be.
Unlike the quarterly ezine/magazine we are only accepting UK submissions for this one. Unpublished work is preferred, but we will consider a limited number of reprints.

What we're looking for:
Creative non-fiction or Short stories up to 2000 words
Poetry up to 50 lines.

Send them to

(note the different email address to our usual submissions)
with a bio of up to 100 words.


(*The cancer chariry is not named here because they emailed me and said I can't mention them as it encourages sales! However, unless I find a nicer local cancer charity who are happy to be named, I will still donate all the profits to this one. It's not actually about the sense of importance this particular charity have, or the high opinion they have of of themselves. It is about raising money to help individuals who this charity suport. They are the ones who will benefit as a result. So, yes I hope it does encourage sales, because I lost my dad to cancer and want to help other people and their families.)



We no longer accept submissions for our e-zine/magazine. We have just published our final issue. Watch out for projects in the future though. We also have a submission call (above) for our charity anthology, if you are a UK writer. 

Send your email address to  if you want to be receive updates.

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