Amanda Steel has completed her Creative Writing MA with The Open University.

She has also studied Proofreading and Editing with the Centre of Excellence.

Amanda previously had the YA novel First Charge, published with Gnome on Pig Productions, in addition to currently having several self-published titles.

Writing Critique - Gift Voucher

Price: 11.00 GBP
If you know a writer/aspiring writer, why not get them this gift voucher for Christmas? They can exchange it for a critique of the first 2000 words of their work in progress, to let them know if they're on the right track.

Ghost of Me - signed

Price: 7.00 GBP
Blurb AUTHOR ELITE AWARDS THRILLER FINALIST 2020 Imagine getting the chance to solve your own murder. For Sarah, the prospect becomes a reality after finding her dead body in the morgue and deciding that the injuries sustained indicate she was murdered. She won’t let being a ghost stop her from tracking down the murderer and stopping him from killing again. However, she’ll need help from someone living. She finds that help in the form of Steve; a near recluse who sees ghosts and isn’t thrilled at the idea of Sarah appearing in his house whenever she feels like it. Can they work together and save lives, or will more women have to die? *** One signed copy of Ghost of Me (free UK postage)

Complete editing package

Price: 10.00 GBP
Same as proofreading, but I will also point out any plot holes, use of wrong place or character names, anything else which doesn’t seem right or stops the story from flowing, etc. £10 per 1000 words.

Writing Critique

Price: 5.00 GBP
As a Creative Writing MA student, I provided constructive criticism to other students as part of my learning. This proved invaluable. Outside of studying, publications rarely give feedback to explain their reasons for rejections. Some places charge for this, asking for much more than I am charging here. I will critique 1000 words of your writing for £5. If you have a longer word count, simply purchase one critique per 1000 words. Longer pieces will take longer to critique.

Lost and Found: Part 1 (signed copy)

Price: 6.00 GBP
Imagine finding out your parents weren't your parents; that they bought you on the black market and lied to you for fifteen years. This is what Kayla Marshall has to deal with after she is reunited with her real family. She struggles to find where she belongs. Is it with the couple she grew up with and called Mum and Dad? Or is it her genetic family who she grew up thinking were a figment of her over-active imagination?