Lost and Found: Part 1 (signed copy)

Price: 9.00 GBP
Imagine finding out your parents weren't your parents; that they bought you on the black market and lied to you for fifteen years. This is what Kayla Marshall has to deal with after she is reunited with her real family. She struggles to find where she belongs. Is it with the couple she grew up with and called Mum and Dad? Or is it her genetic family who she grew up thinking were a figment of her over-active imagination?

Love, Dates and other Nightmares

Price: 0.99 GBP
Exclusive e-book available for a limited time. (previously only available as a paperback) Love, Dates and other Nightmares A collection of poetry involving bad dates and failed relationships, hopefully seeing the funny of it all, unless of course you made it into one of the poems. The collection includes some genuine love poems too.

Writing Critique

Price: 5.00 GBP
As an MA Creative Writing student, I have provided constructive criticism to other students as part of my learning. This has proved invaluable. Outside of studying, publications rarely give feedback to explain their reasons for rejections. Some places charge for this, asking for much more than I am charging here. I will critique 1000 words of your writing for £5. If you have a longer word count, simply purchase one critique per 1000 words.