The Twelve Deaths of Father Christmas – Author Reading and Q&A

On 21st November at 3pm (GMT) Amanda will be doing a Zoom reading and answering questions about her Christmas flash fiction collection.

The Twelve Deaths of Father Christmas is a collection of twelve flash fiction stories with accompanying images, in which Santa dies in different ways. There's a political slant to many of the pieces (and added sarcasm).

If you’ve ever wondered how Santa would cope with climate change, Brexit or any number of issues facing the UK and beyond, join the author (Amanda Steel) as she reads some of the pieces and answers questions about the book.

All ticket holders will be emailed a free PDF copy of the book after the event.


NOT for children.


Tickets are just £1.67 and can be purchased from

Recent interviews and appearances

Amanda was recently interviewed by Hannah Kate on Hannah's Bookshelf, where she talked about her novel Ghost of Me and her podcast Reading in Bed.

You can listen to Amanda's poem "12 Things Employers Don't Want You To Know" followed by a short interview on BBC Radio Manchester.

(Around 1 and and 32 minutes into the show)

You can also hear her talking to J. Alexander Greenwood on the podcast, Mysterious Goings On


Amanda and her partner Andy were recently on a not quite live poetry special. (Near the end of the episode.)

If you're interested in ghosts, zombies and clowns, you can hear Amanda's interview on the paranormal podcast, Everything Imaginable.

She also spoke to Tim Weisberg at Midnight FM about how her paranormal experiences have influenced her writing, and about ghosts who solved their own murders. Unfortunately, this one requires a paid membership to listen to previously aired episodes. However, it’s worth it if you're a paranormal enthusiast. 

More podcasts/interviews etc to follow.

Ghost of Me is now an audiobook

You can now buy Ghost of Me as an audiobook from Audible, narrated by Valerie Moss.

You can also find it on Amazon and iTunes.

New books by Amanda

If you enjoyed "The Twelve deaths of Father Christmas" then you'll like How to Write Wrong: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story, written with the same dark humour and sarcasm.

You get a copy on Amazon


If you prefer something more poetic, you can pre-order Always Darkest Before Dawn: A Collection of Poems from Lockdown

Not Human - now available as an Audiobook

Not Human (the sequel to After the Zombies) is now an Audiobook.


You can get if from Audible

(Also on Amazon and iTunes)

Some great reviews for Ghost of Me

Within a week of the release of Ghost of Me, it has received two 5-star reviews.


On Amazon Canada

"This book has an original storyline with Sarah trying to solve her own murder. This story is well written and intriguing, with murder, ghosts, suspense, and twists and turns."


On Amazon US

"This is a rare find. A great paranormal thriller. Spine-tingling and goosebumps throughout the book. Fast paced and action packed storyline. Keeps you from putting this book down."


Nano Nightmares

Amanda has several two line horror stories in the anotholgy Nano Nightmares.


Nano Nightmares presents a new type of terror. An anthology of short, two sentence stories contributed by sixty talented horror authors. Stories that explore uncomfortable and often shocking themes ranging from mortal fears to chronic phobias. Stories that will shock and amaze you. Nano Nightmares has been a truly international project, involving writers from right across the globe and demonstrating the similarities in what frightens and horrifies us. It is fascinating to see common themes from very different societies - human fears that reverberate from the Americas and Europe, Asia and as far as Australia.

Are you scared of spiders? Being buried alive? Prepare to be chilled to the bone and leave the lights on while you indulge in these tiny titbits of terror!

Jenny Berry interviewing Amanda Steel

Amanda talks about her new book "Ghost of Me", Santa Claus and lots more.

Footprints and Echoes

Amanda has four poems in the anthology Footprints and Echoes.

A reflection on Loss. Footprints and Echoes is a collaborative project featuring writers and poets from Write Club OU, the Open University affiliated Creative Writing society. It is the fourth anthology in their collection.

All profits go to CHUMS. (A mental health charity supporting children and young people.)


You can buy a copy here.

Review of Pieces of Me

Amanda's poetry collection "Pieces of Me" was recenlty given a glowing review by Juliette Van Der Molen at Mookychick.

You can read the full review here

AllFm Interview

Amanda and Andy N were recently interviewed together on AllFm by Ruth O'Reilly.

You can listen to the interview here.

New poem on Spillwords

Amanda's new poem "The Way Forward" can be read here on Spillwords


Amanda's Open Mic Performance at That's What She Said

Amanda read three poems from her Pieces of Me book;
Who Needs a Prince?
Ten Minutes with Kiefer

Coming Soon

Amanda has a few books out soon. First, there’s “Run away With Me in Seven Words” co-written with Andy N. This is a collection of seven-word poems, which together make up part of a longer sequence, originally posted on Instagram with accompanying images.

The book is available now on Lulu and can be pre-ordered (for 1st November publication) in many eBook formats, such as Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. It will also be on Kindle shortly, so keep an eye out for that.

Next, “The Twelve Deaths of Father Christmas” is out on Kindle on 25th November (can be pre-ordered) and is expected to be in paperback just before. Unfortunately, the paperback can’t be pre-ordered. This book is a collection of twelve flash fiction pieces, with accompanying images, in which poor old Father Christmas dies in different ways. Many of these have a political slant and an edge of sarcasm.

Finally, Amanda’s Paranormal Crime book “Ghost of Me” can be pre-ordered on eBook (on most platforms; Kobo, Apple, Kindle...) The paperback will be available for pre-order shortly. The publication date is 2nd March 2020. Extracts of the book will be posted on the blog section of this website and on social media. This story follows Sarah triyng to solve her own murder.

Evil Clown

Amanda recently had her short story “Clown Control” performed on the wonderfully horrific NoSleep Podcast.


When a young woman splits up with her boyfriend, he gives her a clown doll as a parting gift. Then things take a sinister turn.


You can listen HERE

Genuine Chit-Chat interview

Amanda was recently interviewed on the podcast Genuine Chit-Chat, where she talked about all her projects from novels to poetry books. Past lives and dating stories even managed to work their way into the conversation.


You can listen HERE