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First Charge - Reissued

The first book in The Destiny Initiative series has been released in ebook and paperback. It's currently free on most ebook platforms.

The second book, The Takeover is also out on ebook and paperback.

If either book is out of stock on Amazon, try Book Depository.


The third and final book can be pre-ordered on Kindle.

About Amanda

Amanda Steel is a multi-genre author based in Manchester, UK.

Her Paranormal thriller, Ghost of Me is one of ten finalists in the thriller category of The Author Elite Awards 2020.

Her other books include: "The Destiny Initiative" series, "After the Zombies", "Not Human"and "Pieces of Me". Amanda is also the author of the two-part series "Lost and Found" under the pen name "Aleesha Black".

She co-hosts "Reading in Bed", a monthly book review podcast. This is available on Anchor, Apple, Spotify and several other platforms.

Her books are available on Amazon and/or various e-book platforms including Apple, Kobo and Nook, with some now adapted into audiobooks.